It was pointed out to me (thanks Kati!) that one pair of the prim attachments in some of the jeans appears lighter than the other. This isn’t a problem with the texture, it’s just the color was tinted when I was using them in different WL settings and I mistakenly left them that way in the vendors :/ So based on your WL settings: if the prims appear lighter than the jeans, tint them to the reallyyy light grey right beside the white in the default swatches; If the prims are darker, tint them white (if they aren’t already). I’ll update the prims in the vendors to be default white since I don’t know everyone’s settings. Sorry if this caused anyone any trouble!

Also.. the Margeaux belts.. the size 1 belts are still a little too big for some, and unfortunately to edit them, you’ll have to do it by editing linked parts (easy detailed instructions below if you want to attempt to mod yourself). I’m in the process of adding a smaller size 0 belt, if you purchased the jacket & would like a smaller belt, please drop me a simple notecard/email stating so (‘decoy’ needs to be somewhere in the title; and include your av name!)

Modding the Margeaux belt
1. Move the belt close to your stomach as much as possible
2. Check ‘edit linked parts’, click the loop that goes around your body
3. Make sure “stretch both sides” is unchecked, hold ctrl + shift (or select stretch in the edit window), and use the little colored boxes to stretch the belt around the back & sides of your av.

Contact me if you need help/have questions/suggestions/whatever! šŸ˜€