First, thanks soooo much to everyone who came out to the show yesterday! The sim was full, and the show from start to finish was a BLAST ❤ It was Second Look Studio’s *first* show, and I am sooo proud of the talented ladies behind the show (Ely, Feles, & HP) and the models who all did a wonderful job in making it come together. And many many thanks to both Tuli & Asuka for being apart of the show as well with their drool-worthy creations 😀

I meant to blog these earlier, but you gotta love storms knocking out your cable & internet for 7 hours! 😀 These are all available now at the main store in Daffodil Island, which has also been rebuilt (which explains my temporary store in the sky). The photos displayed in the store are by Elysium Eilde of SLS which were shot for the show yesterday, and you can see these photos also on

*I am working on another prim option for the capris & jeans, when those are available I’ll announce those & have them in the store (for free)*

12 colors, 100L each / 800L discounted fatpack

12 colors, 100L each / 800L discounted fatpack

15 colors, 100L each / 1100L discounted fatpack

8 colors, 135L each / 750L discounted fatpack

9 colors, 100L each / 600L discounted fatpack

10 colors, 115L each / 850L dicounted fatpack

11 colors, 185L each / 1500L discounted fatpack

12 colors, 85L each / 765L discounted fatpack

Decoy Main Store