I’ve been quiet for a while (I blame school) but I think I’m back in gear! Some important (or semi-important) news:
– Decoy has moved! Please update your LMs to the new location Decoy Main Store.
– Store cards available! These replace the old gift certificates so if you own a certificate and want a card instead, send it to me and I’ll give you a card of the same value

And finally the goods (click thumbnails to see additional colors in fullsize):

* Anizia swimsuit – 125L per color


ad-anizia-plum.jpg ad-anizia-rose.jpg

* Zanza tops – 100L per shirt or 495L for the 6-color fatpack

* Flava Pop – the biiig pack that’s all threes: in each pack there’s 3 types of shorts (jumper, highwaist, lowwaist), 3 different stripe colors, and 3 tank tops. There’s light denim & dark denim shades, and 3 color packs for each shade. 265L for each color pack

 ad-flavapopdark-graperaspberrymain.jpg ad-flavapopdark-citrusmain.jpg

 ad-flavapoplight-pinklemonademain.jpg ad-flavapoplight-graperaspberrymain.jpg

* Flava Pop tank tops – come seperate for anyone who just wants those alone 😀 100L per pack
ad-flavatanks-citrusmain1.jpg ad-flavatank-graperaspberry.jpg ad-flavatank-pinklemonade.jpg

And a 2-tank pack for 1L!


Decoy Main Store