Well it’s been a while but I finally have a small release!

I’ve gotten a few requests & pokes to make more jeans (something I wanted to do anyway) sooo I finally sat down to do that and now I bring you the Inferno 88 jeans. Guaranteed to make your bum look adorable ❤

Only 4 colors for now (feel free to give me suggestions for other colors!).
– 2 pairs on the pants layer: one flared, one skinny for wearing with the prims or tucking into boots.
– Comes with 2 sets of flared sculpty leg prims: one more suitable for boots, heels, etc.; one slouchy for sneaks, flats, etc. Each is L$100.

I’ve been feeling a little inspired by spring lately, so we’re kicking off the spring season a bit early with the Alida tops.

Comes in 5 mixed colors (rose should be perfect for Valentine’s day!) annnnd – i give u optionz. i make u happeh:
– Shirts (made with belts on them) come on all layers (undershirt, shirt, jacket)
– can be tucked/untucked
– can be worn with/without the prim sleeves
– comes with and without the bamboo print
– belt also comes alone on shirt/jacket layers so it can be worn with other clothes 😀
This should make you layer lovas veryyy happy. Each shirt is L$150. Fatpack is L$650 (save L$100).

Available at my main location in Alhena and at Fashion Victim