First – The show yesterday was amazing. All the designs & skins were gorgeous, and it was so well organized. Many thanks to Second Style, the models, and everyone who made the show a success 😀 And it was a packed sim too! Woot! (And I was le crashy at le zoo :D)

 And now.. 3 new dresses available (in many different colors cause I’m indecisive like that and love color options)! These dresses should be just fine for those holiday parties ❤

Alesana Ad



Each color is 200L or get discounted fatpacks (save 125L) – Alesana for 875L, Chloe fatpack for 475L, Elysium fatpack for 675L.

 And these are available at my new main location in Alhena! I like big open spaces, and my old main store was…well… kinda small and apparently I am claustrophobic in SL lol

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